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Kunming is a national historical and cultural city. As early as 30000 years ago, human beings lived and multiplied around Dianchi Lake; In 278 BC, the state of Dian was established and its capital was here; In 765, Nanzhao state built and expanded the east city, which was the beginning of the construction of Kunming; In the late Ming Dynasty, Yongli regime of the Southern Ming Dynasty established its capital in Kunming. Kunming has a northern subtropical low latitude plateau mountain monsoon climate. It is a mountain landform, surrounded by mountains on three sides and Dianchi Lake in the south. The scenery along the lake is beautiful. Due to its location in the low latitude plateau, Kunming has a climate of "four seasons like spring" and enjoys the reputation of "Spring City".
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  • Submission Deadline: 2024.1.3
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  • Conference Date: 2024.1.13
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